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So rather than in the back end of the hardware, the cost reduction more likely lies in the front end, in the circuitry needed in the optical drive for dealing with SA-CDs unique copy protection techniques.
Why did Sony kochan programming in objective c 5th pdf take SA-CD out of PS3 again?Lacking solid information about this we can only speculate here.Likely, the constraint is however in the hdmi chip; even in the new one used in PS3 Slim.More convenient and less awkward at least than doing so with the standard game controller.The other two speakers sound.Do all PS3s play SA-CD?The most elegant solution is switching off the CEC protocols that let the devices in your chain talk to each other.You can play DSD Discs on any PlayStation3 including non-sacd-compatible models, and also on a PC using Sonys DSD Direct Player.V2.00 introduced optical output for SA-CD.The best way to enjoy SA-CDs on PS3 is by connection the console to an AV receiver through hdmi.Can PS3 simultaneously output stereo via analog out and multichannel via digital out?
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No method is known for forcing it to accept a downgrade.
The optical connection, also known as Tos-link, is a so-called spdif (Sony/Philips Digital Interface).
The output frequency is 48kHz.Alternatively, you can pass video through analog cables and audio through hdmi.Can I still enjoy multichannel SA-CD?Apart from finishing and bundled accessories, the differences between the models are as follows: Type number, cechb, cechg, cechh cecha cechc ceche cechk cechl cechp cech2 cech3 cech4 Video system ntsc PAL/ ntsc PAL/ ntsc ntsc PAL ntsc PAL/ ntsc PAL/ ntsc PAL/ ntsc PAL.The resolution and sampling frequency you get (44.1,.2 or 176.4 kHz) depends on the receivers capabilities.Yes, companies like Monster Cable offer high-end cables for the PlayStations multi-AV output.

Why did Sony include SA-CD with PlayStation3?
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The first generation of PS3 contained effectively a PlayStation2 on a chip: an integrated circuit containing eegs the Emotion Engine (CPU) and Graphics Synthesizer (GPU) from PS2, an expensive piece of silicon.