Warranty transfer: To transfer the warranty from the original purchaser to any subsequent pur- chaser, it is imperative that the machine be inspected and registered for warranty by an authorized Yamaha motorcycle dealer.
If any gasoline spills on your skin or clothing, immediately wash the affected area with soap and water and change your clothes.
Correct oil level.Note: The engine oil should be between the minimum and maximum level marks.Street AND enduro motorcycle limited warranty Yamaha Motor Corporation,.S.A.Never ride with the sidestand down.A warning If a malfunction is noted, have a Yamaha dealer check the system be- fore riding.Yes, if you area qualified mechanic and follow the procedures specified in the Owner's and Service Manual.The gear positions are shown in the il- 1996 mercury cougar manual lustration.The manufacturer cannot be held re- sponsible for property damage or personal injury that may result from improper handling.After riding in the rain, near the sea or on salt-sprayed roads Since sea salt or salt sprayed on roads during winter are extremely corrosive in combination with water, carry out the following steps after each ride in the rain, near the sea.Owner's tool kit The owner's tool kit is located inside the storage compartment.See the sample contract at your Yamaha dealer to see how comforting uninterrupted factory- backed protection can.Lock The steering is locked, and all electrical systems are off.
Properly adjust the suspension for your load, and check the condition and pres- sure of your tires.
Main switch/steering lock (page 3-1).
A warning Never turn the key to "OFF" or "lock" while the vehicle is moving, otherwise the electrical systems will be switched off, which may result in loss of control or an accident.
Brake lever (page 3-5) 2-5 instrument AND control functions Main switch/steering lock look* The main switch/steering lock controls the ignition and lighting systems, and is used to lock the steering.
Start switch " Push this switch to crank the engine with the starter.
Brake shoe wear indicator The rear brake is provided with a wear indicator, which allows you to check the brake shoe wear without having to dis- assemble the brake.
Do not use high-pressure wash- ers or steam-jet cleaners since they cause water seepage and deterioration in the following ar- eas: seals (of wheel and swing- arm bearings, fork and brakes electric components (couplers, connectors, instruments, switches and lights breather hoses and vents.To charge the battery Have a Yamaha dealer charge the bat- tery as soon emulator to play ps2 games on pc as possible if it seems to have discharged.We do recommend, however, that items requiring special tools or equipment be done by Yamaha Motorcycle dealer.Read owner's manual for proper loading.Gasohol There are two types of gasohol: gaso- hol containing ethanol and that contain- ing methanol.Obtain qualified training IN safe AND proper riding techniques.Install the rear wheel, wheel axle, final gear case, and drive shaft by pushing the wheel forward and guiding the drive shaft into the mid- dle gear universal joint.5-5 periodic maintenance AND minor repair Safety is an obligation of the owner.If a brake pad has worn to the point that the wear indicator grooves have almost disap- peared, have a Yamaha dealer replace the brake pads as a set.If such products are used on hard-to-remove dirt, do not leave the cleaner on the af- fected area any longer than in- structed.Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes and seek prompt medical attention.

ECA10990 caution: Do not use the starter (choke) for more than 3 minutes as the exhaust pipe may discolor from excessive heat.
An unbalanced wheel can result in poor performance, adverse han- dling characteristics, and a short- ened tire life.