Regulatory legislation that authorises the raising of non-tax revenue does not fit the strictures of a pure money Bill. .
The Regulations were then passed in the aftermath of the economic crises following the Sharpeville shootings in 1960. .
A document expressing the terms of a contract of insurance is called a "policy." Premium edit A premium is primarily a sum of money.
Raising revenue by policy determination?Order 83 The following order is made:. .For that they relied on the Regulations made under the authority of section 9(1) of the Act, more particularly regulation 10(1 c No person shall, except with permission granted by the Treasury.69 Cross-Border id at para.(Emphasis added.) 55 Section 73(2 a) of the Constitution provides, in relevant part, that only the Cabinet member responsible for national financial matters may introduce.119 The applicants did not rely on any provision of the Exchanges Act in support of the Ministers sub-delegated power to legislate for the exit charge. .111 These circumstances can change at any time, requiring an adaptation of the rules in place. .Interim-insurance cover is provided by means of a contract, and therefore also rests on consensus.144 This maxim is based on the assumption that where the Legislature has delegated powers and functions to a subordinate authority, it intended that authority to exercise those powers and functions, not someone else.In the case of capital insurance, there is certainty that event insured against will occur (whereas in the case of indemnity insurance there is no such certainty but the timing is uncertain.13 To this end, the Minister announced: The following dispensation will apply with immediate effect.1989 (1) SA 208 (A).
It made no order as to costs.
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Ultimately, it depends on how the question is construed.
The Reserve Bank permitted Mr Shuttleworth to remit the interest on the blocked loan account at the prime lending rate plus.
Clearly the power to impose these charges is derived from the Constitution itself, and this Act merely serves to regulate the exercise of that power.
It refused to hold all of section 9 or section 9(1) unconstitutional.
67 Paper Manufacturers above n 64 at para. The economy was on a better footing and could afford the export of some capital provided it was not wholesale.It took the form of a narrow policy formulation directed at implementing legislation and was, unlike a broad or political policy formulation, subject to administrative review.(Emphasis added.) 95 See Westbank above n 72 at para 24, in which the Supreme Court of Canada held that the factors to consider when identifying a regulatory scheme include the presence of: (1) a complete and detailed code of regulation; (2) a specific regulatory.44 In all fairness, this remark was en passant and is not supported by any reasoning why that Court thought the decision was that of the Reserve Bank and not of the Minister. This ensures that the fundamental democratic values of accountability, responsiveness and openness are realised.Available free of medical evidence.7 9 of 1933 (Act).We must however recognise that this Courts treatment in Dawood of broad discretionary powers conferred by legislation was measured and nuanced. .If the insured does not have an insurable interest in the object, the contract will be void and unenforceable, and regarded essentially as a gamble or wager.Whilst there was no evidence of the actual or properly estimated costs of the regulatory scheme related to the revenue raised, there was a close relationship between the regulatory charge and the persons being regulated.132 The National Assembly may assign any of its legislative powers, except the power to amend the Constitution, to any other legislative body in another sphere of government.