Benson Minutes January Report of the Treasurer Jay.
Lack Photograph July B "Dorothy Howard, Currier McEwen" Photograph July Medians at Philbrook Art Center Dorothy Willott Median Iris July B "Carol homm 5 hammers of fate crack Cook, Georgiana Reiblich" Photograph July B Perry Dyer Photograph July B "Bill Hensel, Melba Hamblen" Photograph July B "Kay Nelson, her mother and.
Peckham Test Gardens April Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.A.S.
"Brownell, M J" Hybridizing Getting Pollen from Sterile Anthers October Germination Experiment "Doak, B W" Scientific Methods to Make Seeds Germinate January B Colorado Iris Auction Photograph January foreword Geddes Douglas Editor's Letter Fund Raising Idea January Twelfth Annual Symposium Tall Bearded Symposium 100 favorite.Hoornbeek Test Gardens April List of 1930 Donors to Display Gardens AIS Business April "Regional Reports; Idaho, California, Texas" Regional Reports April Bibliography 1930 History April "Tid-bits 27th.Elmore,.D." Garden Review varietal comments October B Keppel Sdlg #81-95B Photograph October AIS Awards Awards October B "azap, Drum Solo, Little Black Belt, Gizmo, Clara Goula, Steve Varner" Photograph October B "Cool Oasis, Abridged Version, Sultan's Jewelry, Son of Sun, Chico Maid, Simply Wild".Mertzweiller" Photograph January B "Bion Tolman, Joseph.Rodionenko "Warburton Medal, 1999" April Colored Foliage "Witt, Jean" Hybridizing April Striped Streaked "Strohman, Robert L" Hybridizing April C Chimera-Split personality Random Color "Sutton, George" Hybridizing April C "Autumn Thunder, Holy Fire, Double Shot" Photograph April C Pink Parchment Iron honda cbr f3 service manual Eagle Photograph April C Tender.
Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October Government House Gardens Denise Steward Garden Reports 2011 AIS Convention October C "Zebra, Argentea" Kelly.
Bloese History Commentary April Down to Earth Look.New S Judges "Bledsoe, William T" Judges Training Species April At the Species Level "Davidson, B LeRoy" Species Remontant Iris Growth Cycle April What Makes a Remontant Iris Rebloom?
Missouriensis Photograph on the Yellowstone River October.Norris Editor's Letter October AIS Insurance Michelle Snyder AIS Business October Photo Contest Has Ended Janet Smith Photography October.Randolph Hybridizing Observations on Chromosome Pairing July B Photomicrographs of chromosomes Hybridizing metaphase stage July B Photomicrographs of chromosomes Hybridizing diakinesis stage and anaphase stage July Philadelphia to Boston "A.Nesmith" their Eleanor's Pride Dykes Medal in Membership Campaign Claude.Witt Photograph April In memoriam: Mrs.Kleinsorge Awards Foster Memorial Plaque - Royal Horticultural Soc.

Jorgensen Hybridizing July The Name Game Floyd Dyer Hybridizing July Profile of New.
Benson Minutes October Minutes American Iris Society Foundation Clifford.
Douglas Pattison Commentary April Bibliography 1929 Mrs.