Improperly executed and unauthorized repairs.
Damaged leads should be replaced immediately and may never be reused.To change battery, please lift the clamp with a screwdriver and take out the battery.By pushing the control button it is possible to select the desired waveform of that category.You can also choose that the recording is stopped automatically when a file has reached the maximum size (option Auto Stop).The channels should now display flawless signals (see data display below).Check whether this channel is grounded.To stop it, press the button for longer than two seconds.This concept saves disk space and computer performance and makes handling of up to 256 channels with up to 50 kHz sampling rate easy. 3 Freeware.Please see chapter "Troubleshooting".D1 1 x LL4148, d2 1 x 5v6, d3 1 x SS12.
The base of a MEA-SG is made of printed circuit board.
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Virtins Technology 13.
The position of the DIP switch selects different categories of signals (see table below).
2015, multi Channel Systems, mCS GmbH.
Electrical cords must be properly laid and installed.
The selected data streams flow from your MC_Card or from the Replayer (recorded data) into the virtual instrument highest in the hierarchy.Building a Rack It is very easy to build a rack: Please click onto the button of the desired instrument and move it via drag and drop from the left to the right side of the main window!When its turns on portions of the power segments drop out.You can then load the generated data file with another rack for further offline analysis later.In no event shall the publisher and the author be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage caused or alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly by this document.The picture above shows the 60MEA-SG.1 Timo Esser 740 Shareware, turns your PC into a scientific, professional function generator.It is very important to note, that all virtual instruments in your rack work independently from each other.Abacom 23 Commercial, dual LF signal generator which produces signals from 1Hz to 20 kHz.The new battery must be fixed with positive pole facing up!