powerconnect 5324 user guide

To end the CLI session, enter Exit.
The 5324 was already connected via Ethernet cable to the local network, but I needed to configure some network settings on the device before I could connect to the tftp server to access the updated firmware files.A null modem or crossover RS-232 cable with a female DB-9 connector for the console port on the switch.This port is a male DB-9 connector, implemented as a data terminal equipment (DTE) connection.Back to Contents Page.Then i did: console(config crypto key generate rsaReplace Existing RSA Key y/n?Managed devices that support snmp include software (referred to as an agent which runs locally on the device.I typed the following: console# configureconsole(config clock timezone -8console(config clock summer-time recurring first Sun Apr 02:00 last Sun Oct 02:00 zone PDTconsole(config sntp client enable vlan 1console(config clock source sntpconsole(config sntp client poll timer 1024console(config sntp unicast client enableconsole(config sntp unicast client pollconsole(config sntp anycast.Allow at least 2 inches (5.1 centimeters cm) on each side of the switch and 5 inches (12.7 cm) at the back for the power cable.Once connected, the system displayed: console Whenever I get vintage devices that are this old, my first admin task is to see whether any updated firmware exists.The possible field range is seconds.Once the proper keys were generated, I enabled SSH and https with: console# configureconsole(config ip ssh serverconsole(config ip https serverconsole(config exit I was then able to connect to the 5324 using SSH and https ipaddress/.Caution: A caution indicates a potential for property damage, personal injury, or death.This allows me to quickly access a wealth of information about them.The switch provides an RS-232 serial port that enables a connection to a computer or terminal for monitoring and configuring the switch.Console(config interface vlan 1 Console(config-if ip address Console(config-if exit Console(config ip default-gateway Console(config To configure the switch for dhcp or bootp: From the Privileged Exec level global configuration mode prompt, type interface vlan 1 to access the interface-configuration mode.
At the CLI login prompt, enter admin as the user name and password for the Privileged Exec level.
And because I wanted the switch to have the same IP the next time it booted, I copied the current (running) configuration to the startup configuration with this command: console# copy running-config startup-config with the output: 08-May-2011 16:10:47 copy-I-filecpy: Files Copy - source URL running-config.
The boot sequence appears in the terminal.The field ID local engineid- values is a hexadecimal string.Set flow control to none.The documentation says that including a certificate number in the crypto certificate command is optional, and that if you dont include it, it will just use certificate 1 as the default.The interactive transcript could not be loaded.If you log in as admin, you have access to the Privileged Exec level.After you have correctly set up the terminal, plug the power cable into the power receptacle on the back of the switch.Reproduction in any manner whatsoever.