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8control or restrain (a feeling or a situation).
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We are grateful to many people for their help in the preparation of this edition.The cover, bedecked with art nouveau swirls, proclaims The Concise Oxford Dictionary, adapted.Origin Japanese, from dai great my name.Cross reference (in small capitals information on plural use dace /deIs/.The book contains 1,064 pages, whereas the new edition has 1,681 larger pages.For a bird) and impaludism (morbid state found in dwellers in marshes).Concise Oxford English Dictionary eleventh edition Edited by Catherine Soanes Angus Stevenson 1, preface to the Eleventh Edition, the eleventh edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary has been fully revised, updated, and redesigned, as is appropriate for the rst Concise of the 21st century.Translate words while using other apps with our Tap to Translate feature.Origin ME: from OFr.2 archaic a check or discouragement.We've got you covered with our automatic.
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The rst edition of the Concise was edited by the brothers Henry Watson and Frank George Fowler.
Even spelling is different: horsebox, horse chestnut, and horsey were all hyphenated, and rime and shew were given as variant spellings of rhyme and show.
Typical form (in bold example of use (taken from real evidence).Fuzzy filter to correct word spelling, as well.Proposed in 1906, it was published in June 1911, whereupon it was praised as a marvel of condensation, accomplished by skilful hands and a miracle of condensed scholarship.For the eleventh edition we have made use of larger amounts of evidence than ever before: we were able to call upon the hundreds of millions of words of the Oxford English Corpus, which includes the citations database of the Oxford Reading Programme.Variant spelling daimyo email protected, " email protected / (also daimio).

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Its compilation was indeed an Olympian achievement: the brothers were able to draw on the the Oxford English Dictionary, then still incomplete, for only the AR part of the alphabet.