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There are spoilers here and there so, be warned.
Rate this game, rating:.6/5, 1281 Votes, rate It5 (Best)4321 (Worst).The game has improved in sound quality and gameplay including the special effects according to what you do inside the game.Overall: Patapon 3 is a must play for anyone who has beaten the first 2 games or just for anyone that is looking for a fun game to kill some time.They have to destroy the evils and free the little guys from the hard rock shells.DLC available here, review by DAReezan: Get ready for the final installment in the Patapon series.Equipment is dropped at random on Treasure chests.SolomonGrundyGuy rates this game: 4/5, the Game Patapon 3 is wonderful.Not that it matters since you can spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours in this game and not be bored.Rates this game: 4/5, original musical RPG game, kinda weird but very fun.To make up for that, a wider range of customization was added.Three new classes of Patapon are introduced.Two new command songs were added one that pauses the game and the other one to step back.Report, upload a Screenshot/Add a Video: Now you can add videos, screenshots, or other images (cover scans, disc scans, etc.) for Patapon 3 (USA) to Emuparadise.
Its a very unique series that I wish had more entries but apparently this might be the last game.
A new type of quest called Dungeon is introduced which is usually a series of quests fused together.
New Mini-bosses on most stages.
Quick Navigation: Game Description Reviews: OverviewLead your Patapon to glory as a mighty hero in the third entry in this bizarre rhythm/strategy mashup series.
Graphics: The game uses 2D cartoon graphics with a silhouetted environment.
Story: The story begins immediately after the previous games ending.On the other side is a huge chest, and believing IT to be inside of it, the Patapons open it just to find out they have released a new menace: The Seven Archfiends.Videos and Image Media: Added by Abdellah cherif, report, uploaded by ohgodwhy?It is not up to the Uberhero and Hatapon to defeat the Seven Archfiends while making new Patapon along the way.It has improved in so many ways including the story and the objectives of the Patapons which is: Destroy an evil force which has turned the most of the Patapons to stone.The Patapons finish building the Rainbrow Bridge and decide kitchen scramble pc game to cross.Tho be warned: You the producer's business handbook will get in to this game.Upload Screenshot or Image Media, add Video, games you may like: Direct Download Links.Genre: Action, strategy, music/Rhythm, rating: esrb: E, pegi: 7, cero:.Patapon 3 returns bigger and better than before with many more additions and an incredibly catchy story, not to mention the long awaited end of the Patapons long journey.The entire Patapon army except for Hatapon is petrified.ISOs pSP p » Patapon 3 (USA pSP / PSP ISOs.Afterwards, a Silver Hoshipon flies out of the chest and fuses the Hero and the Almighty creating the Uberhero.Class and Set skills are introduced which add special powers to a user or the entire party.