"a_ispeed" Increase Speed.
"a_zspeed" Zero Speed.
Place everything in your Crysis root folder, and run from there.(NoRecoil / NoSpread / NoSway / NoOverHeat)."a_abslay ID " Slay everyone automatically using someone elses ID, (This is how you ban people - make them kill there whole team)."a_tags" Toggle Nametag Hack."a_fly" Enable Fly."a_anon" Toggle Anonymous Kills (lets you TK too).7:46 10 Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries in Games - Part II 13:33, battlefield Friends - All Colonel 100 Moments S1 To S5 10:00, loading."a_rf" Toggle Rapidfire.You guys might have heard.Fly Hack -Infinite Energy -No Recoil No Spread No Zoom Sway -Zoom Scopes hack -Gamespy ID Spoofer -Nametags Hack -Ghost mode Lets you run and kill from outside of your body, works with vehicles too -Superman mode -Third Person View -Punkbuster Screenshot Blocker -Undetectable against.
"a_ifly" Increase Fly Velocity.
"a_nrg" Toggle Infinite Energy.
"a_dfly" Decrease Fly Velocity.
1Cancel Damage 2Target Damages Self 3Off.
Hack download: ml have fun) Watch this to see the ownage that this hack can do on the.21 patch!"a_ms" Toggle Mass-Suicide." a_creds" Display Hack Credits."s_slayer ID " Set killer to be used for "a_aslay".The best Crysis Hack ever!Biggest GUN fail Compilation 2017 ExplosionBROs 4:44, traktor dj for ipad cracked everything I can find wrong with the guns of COD:WW2 5:35 5 Unbeatable COD Zombies World Records 7:11 10 Games That Humiliated The Player For Cheating!"a_demo" Enables Speedhack, Infinite Energy, One Hit Kill, Wireframe, Nametags, Gun Enhancements and Rapidfire."a_speed" Toggle Speedhack.And frostbyte trying to scam people out of money by charging for it when you do 2 minutes of googling and you can find it lool?"a_tkprot" Toggle TeamKill Protection Mode.

Works on all Crysis patches!
"a_clist" Clear Player List.