Stainless Steel Tape Measure Refer to pictures for additional detail.
133 - Sink gran turismo 5 psp save game iso Tub Parts Sink Tub Parts: Supply hoses, sink spray hose parts, tub drain assembly parts.
In original, unopened box.
441 - Ground Pounder Stone Stomper Ground Pounder Stone Stomper: Engine by Chrysler Outboard Corp.Includes bolt bins and shelving.Pipe bending clamp stand.The instructions were extremely clear, and I experienced no problems at all with tightening down the adjusting hex screws.36 - Machine screws w/ Bin Machine screws w/ Bin: Zinc Flat head slotted 8-32x3/4, 10-32x1/2, 8-32x2; Round Head Combo 10-32x1-1/4, 1/4x1, 10-32x1-3/4.As a dedicated jig set (you should definitely purchase two they work well enough, although they are priced relatively high for the grade of aluminum you receive.182 - Grease Gun Grease Gun: B-K Service Products.Set of 2 Refer to pictures for additional detail.51 - U-bolts Chain Snaps U-bolts, wire rope clips, eye bolts, chain snaps, spring snaps, clevises, anchor shackles, various sizes.345 - Insulation Blower Insulation Blower: includes hoses.514 - 5-Foot Glass Showcase 5-Foot Glass Showcase Refer to pictures for additional detail.
334 - Deck Screw Gun Screws Deck Screw Gun Screws Refer to pictures for additional detail.
264 - Fuel Conditioner Stabilizers Fuel Conditioner Stabilizers: Gasket Remover, diesel fuel conditioner stabilizer.
536 - Bifold Door Frame Set Bifold Door Frame Set Refer to pictures for additional detail.
157 - Steel Wool Tape Steel Wool Tape: traction tread strip, masking tape, painting tape, strapping tape, safety grip tape, rubber tape, aluminum foil tape, steel wool pads.
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333 - Assorted Hardware Adapters Assorted Hardware Adapters: Air hose nozzles, wire staples.
491 - Milwaukee Electric Hammer Bits Milwaukee Electric Hammer Bits Refer to pictures for additional detail.551 - 2 Vanities New In Box 2 Vanities New In Box: 1-30"x18 1 - 24" vanity.224 - Staple Guns Staple Guns: PipeFast staple gun, heavy duty staple gun, Senco Staple gun.537 - Pocket Door Frame Set Pocket Door Frame Set Refer to pictures for additional detail.96 - Bathroom Accessories Bathroom Accessories: toilet paper holder, lights, plugmold cover, wiremold cable cover.307 - Blank Key Stock Key Tags Blank Key Stock Key Tags: New in package key tags, LED key fobs.136 - Hose Clamps Hose Clamps: Variety of sizes.545 - Assorted Wood Doors Assorted Wood Doors: louvered doors, 4-5 panel doors.