With printer switched on push the switch which is located inside the upper left demo games pc windows 7 full version side of printer (it is a small white switch) and then release.
3 If the ink ribbon in the other tape cassette is loose, use your finger to wind the toothed wheel in the direction of the arrow on the cassette until there is no slack in the ribbon.
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Once that done, it should look like the original cartridge, trim off the excess and you should be good.Learn about consumable supplies, accessories and options available for your product.Brother PT-1180 P-touch Machine User's Manual.After inserting a new tape cassette, advance the tape by holding down pressing once.Model PT-1180, uSER'S guide, printed in China, general precautions.2 Press the key for the letter of the group containing the symbol that you wish to add, and then press 3 Press to add the symbol to the text.
The message "A-U?" appears in the display.
7 Insert two hooks on bottom end of back cover into slots on bottom of machine.
To avoid injuries, do not touch the cutter's edge.
These symbols are divided into 9 groups, corresponding to the letters A through.
When this mode is on, the Caps indicator in the top- left corner of the display comes.
Tape exit slot cursor movement You can view and edit different parts of the text by moving the cursor backward and forward.
The 8-character display is like a window which moves across the text.Your machine requires 6 alkaline AAA batteries.The return mark ( ) appears in the text to once.Tapes are available in three different widths: 1/4" (6 mm 3/8" (9 mm) and 1/2" (12 mm).View a detailed breakdown of the product specification.Note: If power is disconnected for more than three minutes, all text shown in the display and any text files stored in the memory will be lost.The message "A-I?" appears in the display.If the back of your P-touch is not on it will not advance through.

4 Peel off the label backing.
On the tape that's come out of the cassette, seperate the three layers, and start "reeling in" just the toner.
Replacement Tapes, find the right tapes for your.