2013 vw tiguan repair manual

Not open Saturdays or evenings.
Their level of service would be a big factor if I chose to buy a VW for my next automobile.
Park or sell your vehicle before you take it to these guys!Shop Rating: Excellent Recommended Report Date: Write a Review for this shop Basco Parts Ltd.Fabulous honest service, all the time.But when I picked up my vehicle Jeremy wasn't so accommodating.Shop Rating: Excellent Recommended Report Date: Curt writes: Really, I can't say enough good things.So they finally came to the conclusion that I had suggested in the first place: there is an issue with the lower ignition switch.Bushmaster's came back with a laundry list of problems with the car and ga motorcycle drivers manual reasons of why it failed the inspection.Great folks and we left for the Rockies with a greater peace of mind.
Can't wait to dump this Cayenne somewhere.
The reason I've gone back so many times after having this problem with incompetent mechanics is that they always say Jim will work on it but b/c of time constraints someone else does.
They looked at it for an hour said there is nothing wrong and charged me 140.00.My advice, go with someone that knows something about cars, and never pay for something you did not approve.Great service and always honest.They say one thing needs to be fixed and they dont know what they are doing.Kind of ticked off because that's an expensive repair.Book ahead - they're busy - which is a good thing Shop Rating: Excellent Recommended Report Date: Anonymous writes: I was very disappointed with Paul.