Some video footage taken by my wife here: Video 1 and Video 2 and some pics (note the faded caliper paint disney flute sheet music pdf due to heat, time for some G2 epoxy caliper paint Fumoto Oil Drain Valve from DieselGeek - This valve allows you to quickly drain.
Seat Cupra R front spoiler from GoingFast Eurocustoms on eBay installed using the DIY found here.Owners Manuals for Cars Volkswagen Owners Manual Volkswagen Jetta Owners Manual, sponsored, manuals for cars that you can read, download in PDF or print.PICs L to R: OEM Rubber/Plastic Bushings, TyrolSport Kit and Synthetic Grease from napa, Snap-ring Pliers from napa: Porterfield R4-S Brakes purchased from PAP Parts and installed.A Sta-Lube hand 110cc pit bike owners manual pump makes refilling an easy task, the only caveat being that you have to find a place underneath the car that is close to the fill hole where you can use the pump.Constructed of laser cut hard anodized aluminum for low weight:.6lbs.Only about 3 hours from ATL, lots of other sightseeing that can be done as well in the same area.For the power side I used a Monster iCarCharger for iPod 12v power supply and modified it gta iv ordinal 5365 xlive.dll to tap directly into available ground and switched 12v power wires without having to plug it into a lighter.I found a VW emblem to attach over the embossed emblem: Tomas Sport Tuning rear upper stressbrace by Bruce Levin, purchased from TunerShop.I used a red ScotchBrite pad to scuff the surfaces I planned to paint and then wiped the surfaces down with brake cleaner to remove any oil, grease, or other contaminants.I had to use the Dremel to also make a notch in the left side for the battery positive wire.
Here for VW Vortex VgVr6's Door Panel Removal DIY.
Had no problems with nutserts, just use small tools and only tighten hand tight.
The center visor appears to be a solid piece of plastic but is actually two thinner sheets of plastic bonded together with air in the center.
About 3 hours if you have to do this on ramps in the garage like me, quicker if you don't have to remove/replace a steel skid plate like me Yarrowsport Rear Stress Bar (Thanks for the Vortex group buy Yarrow!) - I took a few.
Here for the exhaust flap vacuum motor wiring diagram.
Headlight Aiming instructions from the Daniel Stern Lighting website can be found here.H R sway bars, front 25mm and rear 21mm, from Parts 4 VWs (Thanks Mike and Kristen, great customer service and communication!).I chose to unbolt mine and remove the pads/shims for easy and complete coverage.Models covered: VW Golf Jetta Mk -1992 with petrol engines, including fuel injection, catalytic converter, Formel E, 16-valve and special/limited edition models 1043 cc, 1272 cc, 1595 cc 1781.With everything bolted in place, the battery does not move and all of the OE brackets and cover still work fine, although I did not re-use the battery blanket.I decided to replace it with an Odyssey PC925MJT from Summit Racing.I believe the key is following the VF instructions and making sure the mounts are parallel with the mounting surface, this will require moving the engine/trans a little bit but easy enough.Thanks to everyone for your advice and input.After having the OZ Superleggeras for a while I decided I needed a change.Lower Ball Joint Nuts: 55 ft-lb (75 Nm) JayCap Billet Engine and Interior Dash Defrost Vents/Seat Knob Covers from EIP Tuning installed.For the rear, I fashioned another hold down and modified the box slightly with a Dremel tool for clearance.This epoxy paint looks great when dry and I believe it will hold up much better to the heat, wheel cleaner, and average wear much better than the automotive paint VW used for the OEM finish.My ramps now have a helper ramp I made out of some scrap 2x4.New OZ Superleggera 18x8- huge difference in handling going from 30 lbs stock Aristo to these.5 lbs (and now my R32 does not look like all of the ones I saw at Southern Volksfest, wheels don't look dirty as soon) Brian Pechin.