The first 15 was trying to figure out how to to disable everyting w/o breaking anything off.
Best practices, would be to gander at your's first, to see if the parts are correct and non missing or hacked (swaps). .What you need to do is with the white harness unhooked, clip the blue/black wire tape off the cut ends.Height 1 : 40 mm Height 2 : 35 mm Outer Diameter : 68 mm Inner Diameter : 41 mm Tools: you need a mini golf game for pc special tool to remove it and put it back on the axle.Ford F-150 Trucks Replace the DRL relay (located top of pass side dash) with a loop back plug (or modify it).If you just want to permanently defeat the DRL function, here is how you.1999 Buick LeSabre Buicks can be difficult to defeat the DRL circuits, because the DRL function is built into their LCM (Light Control Module) All outside lighting functions are controlled by the LCM, which has preprogrammed IC's.With the leg you just bent in you fingers, slide the plastic between the contact points of the center relay so they can't meet Put everything back together in the reverse order that you used to take it out What you have now is absolutly.Turn the headlight switch to 0, release the Main Beam.See the life 10 graph. .Drawing 2: 4WD only.Spare line A special tool for part 18 Drawing 2 or the GM tool if that?
1989 to 1998 continued.
This will disable the DRLs while the vehicle is running.
(and a set of press arbor plates, for bearings) all machine shops have one, and is a low cost labor fee. .
Plug wire yellow/green into wire blue/orange on the harness side.1998 Buick LeSabre The 1998 Buick LeSabre (and probably other years) has a very annoying combination of features: DRLs and automatic headlights without override.There have been some negative side effects to this procedure; firstly is the disabling of the automatic locks, and secondly the pilot light that lets you know the headlights are on no longer functions.VW golf (possibly the A# Jetta as well) Web site.Locate the light blue, light blue w/white stripe, dark blue, and dark blue w/white stripe.The BCM is located on the passenger side under the dash.I mention all this, only to show how serious they are, on life span of seals, tires and the bearing.

RSJ Sealed one side, steel cage.
(and breaker bar to remove part ID 18)  You could go to 123 ft/lbs, then use a breaker bar to align the 4mm screw locking ring.