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When it is restarted, the DRL function will reset to "always." We've heard that this works on full-size and S-series trucks.No more DRL, no special indicator in the cluster.Great swim platform with cup holders and seat cushions.Stereo with lots of speakers and Bluetooth capability.Tape up unused connector to prevent shorts and replace access cover.Unfortunately, this will also disable the horn and perhaps other accessories.Want to have a switch to select "with or without" DRL?I soldered/heat shrink the wires together and installed back in the factory split loom for a clean install.Success and everything else is still working just fine.Take another length of wire about 3' and crimp a female butt connector on one end.
I end-spiced the rest seperately and removed the plug/relay all together.
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One will have only 1 white connector(horizontal-seat belts the other (vertical-drl module) will have 2, one black and white.
We are upgrading to a larger boat.To deactivate the DRL's, remove the driver's side headlamp assembly; on my '97 Park Avenue, this was held in place using two thumbscrews atop the assembly, accessible from under the hood (do NOT mess with the aiming screws) and pull the assembly straight forward.DRL module located above brake pedal.If you complete these steps as well as the steps for disabling DRLs, you will actually be able to decide yourself when you want your lights.After the wiring is secure, put the sensor assembly back in its spot.One of them 24 on my model car) said "DRL".

Double check all connections are solid.
2001 Buick Park Avenue - disable auto headlights.
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