Nvidia TNT graphics driver glitch workaround: chrome should now work in both OpenGL and DirectX, may need to use "Set HW Defaults" psx emulator ps1 untuk windows 7 button in the quick graphics setup window when launching the game to re-detect graphics capabilities.
Faster loading of PNG format textures.
Roads/Maps/Signs: - Repair area/symbol at highway gas stations moved to be aligned with the diesel area/symbol to make the access to it easier.
Uploaded by : samuels295, my mail Id : sa email protected.Truck windows made a bit more translucent.Small "1.10" for version number displayed in lower right corner of the Main Menu screen.THat's it, the trial verson gets fixed into fu!Options: - Fixed camera field of view to make revert in-cabin view where it was before beta.6.Improved tanker trailers to work better with chrome shine.Several trailer models which shared common texture for different loads were made to use different skins, all cargos now have different looking trailers.Dll belong to Play 18 WoS Across America module developed by Valusoft in the database contains 1 versions of the sndshared.Other: - Some code tweaks attempting to improve game stability.
Added, show, room to main menu.
After downloading and installing, replace all the files from these files to the installed location and replace.
Fixed missing cargos in some cities under certain circumstances.
SCS Software and ValuSoft clickable icons in Main Menu for access to company websites, should remind people to check for news on game updates from time to time!Fixed graphics corruption on the Truck Dealer marker symbol.Fixed AI truck drivers getting into accidents on their own sometimes causing prestige loss for the player by mistake even when he/she is not to blame., rain sound stops playing earlier when the rain is ceasing.Switching between OpenGL and DirectX in-game made more robust.Graphics Options screen reworked, there are now Low, Medium and High buttons there to globally affect all detail settings, each setting can then be tweaked individually.Trucks page in Notebook: buttons help texts changed to better differentiate between replacing an existing truck or buying an additional one, also a better explanation in the warning box that no suitable driver is available when trying to buy a truck.Total Size:.32 MB, seeds: 0, leechers: 0, stream: Watch Full Movie @.Mouse should be more responsive in Main Menu and Notebook with low framerate.Improved downshifting with automatic transmission.Moved the marker for Repair a bit towards the road on both-sides highway fuel station.Torrent name health leech seeds, size.