"Euro ncap Crash test".
BB PT Cruiser Year 2002 PT Cruiser Model Limited Edition I did an oil change and took a 300 mile trip, came home and checked the oil and it was over a third down.I had to call a wrecker to come get it and take to the service station.But have seen numerous complaints on this one."Chrysler PT Cruiser Will Cruise No More".I noticed this problem for the first time just months after my purchase that before my second oil change that the oil light came.Shop Online and get your products in 3 business days or less.I did not even get an estimate.I took it to the dealer I bought it from twice and the dealer where I was then currently living 3 times.GP PT Cruiser Year 2002 PT Cruiser Model Limited Edition I still need to take it in to the dealership but I believe my power steering unit is starting to have problems.BR PT Cruiser Year 2001 PT Cruiser Model Limited Edition I have a grocery list for you of major and minor problems.A.0 L engine ( D4RE ) was also available outside the.I will let you know the outcome.I checked Goodyear prices at m and the price of that tire is 205 my 40 would.
At this point, the oil level was just below minimum on the dipstick.
When I went to go pick up the car I Ask the young man if he could tell me if I got my tires rotated, said he could tell.
If I' am on the freeway and going about 60 the car will pull so hard,that it feel like the car is going to turn off.Our mileage is only about 18K.When I pick-up the car it had the same miles on it, I know that the car didn't get a road test.Free Lemon Check (Found Under Free Services pT Cruiser Problems, yahoo Group.I was glad to find out that my dealer had sold me an extended warranty for 100,000 miles for the drive train only or I would have had to paid for the transmission as the car had 40,000 miles at the time.HE also said he had never heard lagu sagita ngamen 15 of a PT Cruiser that burned oil and it wasn't leaking and he indicated it was my fault because I didn't bring it there and who ever was filling it wasn't topping it off to the correct level.17,000 miles later in August, 2003 When backing up there was a shuttering that was happening for a couple of months.Nhtsa for, cAFE fuel economy calculations but as a car by most other metrics.I am taking it back to the dealership again since I am now well aware of the problem.They said that I have not had enough warranty work done to justify a buy back.