panasonic kx-tg 2000 manual

Page 1, caller ID Compatible.4GHz Multi-Handset Cordless Phone System, model.
P-P507 (PQP50AA61) 4-Wire Telephone Line Cord with Green Plugs (p.
Only one handset can be registered at crysis wars longpoke hack downoad a time.Power Outlet (AC 120 V, 60 Hz) Hook AC Adaptor pqlv12 Use only a Panasonic Handset for the KX-TG2000B.Pqjxf0113Z one one, backup Battery (p.Operating Instructions, caller ID Compatible 2-line, please read before USE AND save.Page 7 7 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Call Transfer Status 63 Call Operator Status 64 Answering 65 Setting the Answering System 65 Listening to Messages with the Base.18, 29, 38, 41) Headset Jack (p.28, 30, 31) Navigator Key (clear) Button (, H, I) (p.
Accessories(included) For extra orders, call.
If a cordless handset is in the talk or intercom mode, or listening to messages, the relevant number is displayed.
14, 15) one, handset Cord (p.
Page 8 8 Location of Controls Base unit voice mail system auslogics driver updater crack 2LIN A R D / K T tdigital SP-phone C tiattery 2-line digital cordless conf hold stop voice mail DEF ABC MNO JKL GHI wxyz TUV PQR N eoper redialpause/edit call wait/fiash line 2answer.
Optional handsets must be registered at the base unit.
Read and understand all instructions.
Caller ID and Call Waiting Service, where available, are telephone company services.You can easily download all the documents as PDF.1 4 Press or until the arrow Date:2000.04.07 2 Time:09:30 PM points to Date and time, AM entersave and press.Page 10 10 Location of Controls Cordless handset Charger charge charge Indicator (p.Page 5 5 Contents Chapter 1Preparation Location of 8 11 12 Installing the Backup Battery in the Base 12 Connecting the Handset and AC Adaptor.(It is normal for the adaptor to feel warm during use.) Handset Battery Charge Place the cordless handset on the charger and charge for about 8 hours before initial use.To return to the standby mode, #Enter the year, and month and 3 press (exit).Page 2 2, before Initial Use, please read important safety, instructions on page 102 before use.Caller ID Compatible.4GHz Multi-Handset Cordless Phone System, model.Pulse-or-tone dialing capability, operating Instructions, please read before USE AND save.Make sure the handset faces forward as shown.

2-line, panasonic World Wide Web address:  m for customers in the USA or Puerto Rico.